My name is Theodore A. Gebhard.  Liberty & Markets is my personal blog site.  I am an attorney and an economist.  I hold both a J.D. and a Ph.D.  I am mainly retired now, but I still do some part time consulting.  I also administer the website, Vienna Woods Law & Economics.  During my career, I was an economics professor, a U.S. Justice Department economist, a lawyer in private practice with a large international law firm, and a Federal Trade Commission attorney.  My professional work focused on antitrust law and economics, but I also have interest in constitutional law, government regulation, politics, and broad areas of public policy.  My perspective is that of an economic libertarian, and promoting economic liberty is my passion.  I rarely take a public stance on social issues, but when I do, I tend to lean toward a traditional view.  This blog site is my vehicle to express my opinions on legal, economic, and political matters in the news.  I hope that readers will find these opinions to be informed and thought provoking.


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